Ann Arbor Electrogram Libraries

Professional Services

Four libraries are available for license, as well as hardware for test-bench applications, engineering and other expert services.


As subject matter experts in the field of computerized electrocardiology, we offer our clients assistance in their development work through our consulting services.

Algorithm Design and Testing

For more than 25 years, our origins in the University of Michigan's Medical Computing Laboratory, Electrogram has developed, tested and published the results of arrhythmia detection algorithms.  We can provide complete turn-key software solutions for your application or we can fill in the specific gaps in your expertise, offering advice on how to avoid blind-alleys and solutions on afib, tachycardia or other arrthmia detection.  We bill at an hourly rate and offer free estimates and advice on projects.

Expert Witness Consulting and Litigation Support

Ann Arbor Electrogram Libraries provides unparalelled Subject Matter Expert (SME) and advisory support. Our in-depth expertise in the field of electrocardiology, coupled with industry relevant technical knowledge, allows us to provide our clients with unmatched support.

Subject Matter Expert Support in Research and Development

We offer SME advice in product R&D/conception, design and development, and through production. Additionally, through our engineering services, we can complement our client's R&D by offering development and prototyping expertise.

Niche Industrial Engineering and Management Consulting

As experts in computerized electrocardiology, we have a deep understanding and appreciation for the research and technical side of our client's business. We complement this knowledge with professional expertise in the area of Industrial and Operations Engineering, with highly trained and experienced staff in techniques such as Lean and Product-Process Development. We can help improve your business operations through professional Industrial Engineering and Operations Research consulting services, such as:

  • Management and Organizational Consulting
  • Lean Product-Process Development, Valuestream Mapping
  • Strategic Planning and Business Development
  • Disaster Recovery / Business continuity Planning (DR-BCP)
  • Configuration Control Management
  • Organizational Knowledge Management


We offer technical expertise through engineering and development services at all levels of maturity: from conceptual research & development, breadboard prototyping, to production-level configuration controlled engineering services.

Custom Software Engineering and Development

We offer technical expertise in the area of software engineering (SE) and development. We work with your technical and management team to deliver high-impact solutions. We have skilled technical experts in Assembly, C, C++, Java, Perl, and can adapt to other requirements as needed. Our engineers are also skilled in a wide variety of Operating System environments, ranging from conventional Microsoft Windows and legacy DOS platforms, Unix, Linux, and a variety of embedded-Linux/mobile platforms.

Human-Factors for User Interface Development

We support Human-Factors Engineering for effective design and development of user-friendly Human Machine Interfaces. Through humo-centric design, prototyping and testing, we offer our clients niche expertise in development of computing and information systems which are designed "for the user." This results in high levels of usability/ease-of-use and user-friendly design for systems prior to production, thereby reducing future costs of post-production user interface changes.

Custom Hardware Design and Development

Our expertise in the area of custom hardware design and development services can complement our client's technical needs. We offer breadboard prototyping of systems, development of workbench test setup and platforms, ruggedized custom computing hardware with Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog signal conversion capabilities, and additional hardware services.